Armor Polymers LLC Environmental Statement

Armor Polymers believes that each of us has a duty to our world. And so we are conscious and committed to producing the least possible impact on the environment. Our products are not only at the frontlines of innovation and aesthetics, their longevity and sustainability help to offset our environmental impact for years to come.

Product Development

Our products are extremely durable and long outlive many other types of floor coverings. In return reducing the frequency with which a floor needs to be replaced. Due to this, we lessen the amount of waste created through renovations. When our products finally do wear out, they still produce less waste than other flooring methods when removed, or they can simply be installed for zero waste.

Waste Reduction

We strive to optimize our processes to minimize the amount of waste we produce and lessen the strain on our landfills. At all possible junctions, we try to reintroduce our waste back to our manufacturing process or find ways to reduce the volume of the waste.


We use Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) in our dispatch process, reducing our carbon footprint as it helps us to eliminate waste from smaller plastic packaging and non-recyclable metal containers.

Solvent Use

Our epoxies are 100% solids with no added solvents. Most of our other products are water-based, leaving them with zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) making them safer for the installer and for the environment.